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This page last modified on Thursday, March 27, 2008

Microsoft Visual Basic Advanced

Visual Basic Advanced -   Duration 4 days

Course Aims:

This course is design to provide programmers with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to allow them to become competent in developing simple VB applications.

Course Outline:

Programming in VB - review :
Procedures & Functions
GoTo statement

If statement
Logical Operators
Select Case statement
Loop statements
With statement
Error trapping
Object Variables:
Arrays of object variables
Creating control arrays
Adding & removing elements at run time
Control array events
Saving code using control arrays
Code Modules:
Inserting code modules
Module Design
The Add method  
The Item method
Iterating with For Each
The Menu editor
Design considerations  

Menu Arrays
Pop Up menus
Menus using the Application Wizard
The Data Control:
Types of data control
Referencing the ADO data control
Properties & methods of the ADO data control
Binding data to the control
DBListboxes, DBComboboxes
The DBGrid control
Treeview & Listview controls:
Treeview control
Listview control
File I/O:
Sequential (text) files
Binary files
File management
The FileSystemObject
Error Handling
Multiple Form Applications:
Form Events
Dynamic creation of forms
Form templates
MDI Applications
MDI Parent forms
MDI Child forms
Menus & toolbars in MDI applications
Coding MDI Applications
Advanced Dialog Boxes:
The CommonDialog control
Custom dialog boxes
Creating an executable file
OO Programming in VB:
The OO Paradigm
Class Modules
The VB Class builder
Object initialisation & termination
More Databases:
The VB Data Environment
Windows API:
Declaring API functions
Calling API functions
.INI Files
Windows Registry:
Overview of the Windows registry
GetSetting & SaveSetting
ActiveX OLE Server Objects:
ActiveX projects
ActiveX Controls:
Persistent Properties
Raising events
Property Pages
Custom Control methods
Data aware controls
The Printers collection
The Printer object
Data Report Designer
Crystal Reports

Target Audience:

Systems and applications programmers who will be developing systems in VB. Anyone who wants a practical understanding of VB will benefit from this course. It is suitable for software engineers who want to expand their knowledge in a powerful all-purpose language and managers who want to manage VB programming projects.

Assumed Knowledge:

Participants should have a basic knowledge of programming techniques and at least one programming language such as COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN or the like.