Otus I. T. Ltd
Training & Consultancy


Due to the wide range of experience gained over many years in the IT industry, Otus
I. T. can offer many services in the fields of Human Resources, I. T. training, programming and management

Key Services

  • Customised training.  I have a large portfolio of training notes which can be customised on request to your own requirements including tailored subject matter and corporate branding.  The cost of this work is often minimal when coupled with one or more training course bookings.
  • Training needs analysis & competency analysis.  Not sure who needs training, or what training they need (as opposed to would like!) Then I can carry out a comprehensive training needs analysis and produce a written report for you to keep detailing current performance levels, future required levels and training / mentoring requirements to fill the gap.  Use this to complement your annual appraisal system for your staff.
  • I. T. projects at various levels including management, design, specification, programming & testing.  Programming can be carried out in a number of languages which currently include Visual Basic, C, C++, C#.

For further information on any of the above courses including availability and prices please get in touch by using the Contact Us link.

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